Costs & Benefits Table

Average Savings*

$1100 per year


If your avg. electric bill is...







Home Value Increase



Then you'll need this system size:

3.9 kW

4.2 kW

4.8 kW (avg. size)

5.2 kW

5.4 kW

Custom size!

Lifetime savings*



Which will cost this much after incentives:



$8400 (avg. size)



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Credit for your energy.png

Your Electric Utility is required by State Law to pay you at their retail rate for all the energy you produce with your Solar System.

This means no energy is lost, and everything you don't use right away, Alaska's utilities (MEA, Chugach, ML&P, HEA, etc.) will pay you at the rate they charge you- giving you a 1:1 credit for all the surplus energy you produce.

US Dept. of Energy study found here discovered the average home value increase with solar was $4/installed watt.
Lifetime savings are guaranteed by 25-year power production warranties included with our systems, also included is the annual increase of 3% by utilities (historical 10 year average in Alaska has been a +5% annual increase).
Annual savings are based on MEA electric rates, which are tied for the lowest in the state as of April, 2018. Higher rates will mean more savings (that means you Kenai and Homer).