900W Complete Off-grid Solar Kit


900W Complete Off-grid Solar Kit

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Enjoy peace and quiet when you’re at your cabin by keeping that generator off!

This kit qualifies for a $1,350 tax credit.

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This offgrid solar kit is tailored for Alaskan offgrid homes and cabins. Included with the package is a detailed set of instructions for installation (~2 hour).

This system will average 5000 Watt-Hours of energy production PER DAY in the summer.

Kit Includes:

(3) JA Solar Mono PERC 295 Watt Modules

(2) 11’ IronRidge XR100 Black Aluminum Rail

(2) MK AGM 12V 92Ahr Solar Battery

AIMS 3000 Watt Inverter/Charger

Renogy 40 A Commander Charge Controller

Precut Wire

Mounting Hardware + Flashing


One-Line Diagram

***Detailed Instructions for Installation***

FREE Delivery to all Matsu/Anchorage addresses

This system qualifies you for a 30% return on your federal taxes totaling $1,350!