Testimonials from Alaskans

Solar North has been in operation since 2016, installing on homes an business all over the state. In addition to our turnkey residential services we also offer off-grid packages!


Amy Denver, Wasilla 6.5 kW

Amy needed to offset her costs for their home and detached shop. By installing with Solar North she saved $1200 last year alone.

"Installation was quick and painless, Solar North handled everything professionally. In March we had almost two weeks of complete independence with solar- crazy!"

John Becker, Homer 5.4 kW

John has electric heating for his home with in floor heating as well, so electricity costs are often a stab in the wallet. John installed with Solar North in April, 2017- and has offset his bill by $1000 in less than a year.

"It's been nice to get an electric bill that's not so scary anymore... Thanks Solar North!"



Thomas Vanderborgh, Anchorage 3.6 kW

Thomas has a 5-star energy rated home, and wanted to get his electric bill as efficiently close to zero as possible. Solar North has dropped his bill to $0 April-September!

"I usually forget I even have solar until I look at my Chugach bill history, then I remember I have solar and they're not making a mistake in forgetting to charge me!"